Monday, May 9, 2011

For the love of strawberries

Strawberry season is in full swing and the ones I've bought this year are fantastic. I put them in oatmeal, cereal, fruit salsa, have them with whipped cream, or just by themselves. I was on such a strawberry kick last week that I bought a half flat and baked a strawberry rhubarb pie - one of my favorite things. We love this pie so much we had it served it at our wedding. I've tried making fresh strawberry pies but prefer the tartness of the rhubarb in a traditional baked double-crust pie. I use the standard recipe from my Joy of Cooking cookbook and love it.

For all those of you out in there in the blogosphere who bake pies, I'm curious to hear what type of pastry crust you use. I recently tried a variety of pre-made pie crust in the box at the grocery store one night when I was feeling lazy and was pretty unimpressed with the results. I almost always make my own since it only takes a few minutes and I sort of enjoy doing it myself anyway. Anyway, I was taught to make pie crust the way my mom does - plain flour, shortening, and minimal ice water. I've also experimented with all-butter crusts and have known folks who use lard with good results. Which kind do you make and why?

Here are some photos of Adam & I cutting into our ceremonial pie at our wedding reception. It was not without some laughs.

Strawberry rhubarb and blueberry pie - our favorites

Someone (*ahem*) was trying hard to stick to our wedding budget and bought a pretty inexpensive cake cutter. Turns out, it didn't work so well with the pie and actually snapped in half. Right in front of everyone! What else could we do but laugh and dig in anyway...

We were finally successful, and pie was had by everyone.

Also...if any of you have a fantastic strawberry recipe, please share!

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