Monday, May 16, 2011

Surprise! One more Pruett is on the way!

You read right...we found out recently that we are expecting our first baby this fall! We're really happy to share the news with you all and show off our first baby photo. I'm not going to make this blog entirely baby-centric, but am feeling re-inspired to write about all the big changes going on in our lives and what we are looking forward to. I am exactly 12 weeks along today, which have flown by. Or, considering I slept more in those first 8 weeks than in my entire life, I might have just slept through it. In any case, I think it will be fun to look back and remember this time and our blog might be a good way to record some of it. Since I've announced my pregnancy, I've learned that people tend to ask similar questions. Here are some of our most popular FAQs:

1. Were you guys trying to have a baby? How did you react?
It wasn't out of the realm of possibility, but we were surprised since it wasn't something we expected. The day I found out, I was shocked and very emotional. It was terrifying and overwhelming, even though it was something we had always talked about and looked forward to. I had made a doctor's appointment because I knew something was "off," though didn't actually think I was pregnant. Once I found out, I drove around a little bit and walked through Target to clear my head. I had always envisioned doing something really special to tell Adam we were having a baby, but when the day finally came, all my plans went out the window and I decided to buy a simple "I love Daddy" bib to share the news. Adam was all smiles from the very beginning and couldn't have been happier.

2. How far along are you? When is your due date?
Today we are exactly 12 weeks and nearing the end of my first trimester. Our most recent "guess" due date is November 29th, though we have also been told November 27th and November 24th. He or she will be joining the ranks of many other fine Saggitariuses in our family. This baby seems to do things on its own schedule so I'm sure it'll make its appearance whenever the time is right. The only thing I'm sure of is this Thanksgiving will be a memorable one.

3. Any pregnancy symptoms so far?
Yes, definitely lots of fatigue, and nausea early on. I'm grateful to say I only threw up twice and I think I've had a very easy pregnancy so far (thank you little baby!). I do have a small baby bump and have started using a special band to hold up my unbuttoned pants. My friend Jennifer kindly pointed out that I pretty much look like I've had "too many brownies." It'll be nice to finally have a more solid belly bump so the world will know I have a much better reason for looking the way I do.

Emotionally, there have been lots of ups and downs and the extra hormones running through me have made for quite a ride. One night, Adam was planning to take me out for a nice dinner and I felt too nauseous to go, and just started sobbing for no reason. Adam has been totally supportive, patient, and kind. He does a great job of laughing and reminding me when I'm just being ridiculous, too.

4. Any food cravings or aversions?
Yes - both. I have been eating fresh fruit of all kinds, and strawberries and mangoes taste better than ever before. No matter how I feel I'm always in the mood for fruit! I've also craved mashed potatoes, tuna noodle casserole, and chocolate milk.

Foods that don't sound so good: pretty much most meat (especially chicken), and raw vegetables and salads (which I sometimes force myself to eat anyway).

5. Are you finding out the sex of the baby?
Yes, we are excited to find out - though neither of us care at all and would be over the moon to have a son or daughter. For whatever it's worth, Sarah is thinking it's a boy. We may be able to find out in early July at our 18-20 week ultrasound.

6. Have you thought of any names yet?
We have a few names we like, but probably won't be sharing until the baby is born.

7. Any highlights so far?
Definitely the few times we have gotten a sneak peak at our adorable little baby. It was amazing to see the heartbeat, and watch it bounce around moving its little arms and legs. Finally, it wasn't just two lines on a stick or an idea in our heads, but was clearly a real baby. It is truly miraculous to think of a tiny baby existing where only cells did just weeks earlier.

I am already overjoyed with love and wonder for this beautiful new person we can't wait to meet. Actually, I can wait a while longer - our baby has a lot of growing left and our to-do list is growing everyday. Not to mention my waistline...hmmm....

Sarah - all smiles after our six-week confirmation ultrasound. We saw a perfect little "sparkle" of a heartbeat.

10 weeks, 5 days

Our little lovebug! You can see the head (on the right), waving its hand, and the rest of the body on the left. Our baby seems to be saying "Hello world! Here I am!" :)

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